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‘Write what you know” is considered good advice – and New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards young adult fiction finalist Mary-anne Scott, a mother of four sons now in their 20s, and a musician and music teacher of long standing, has certainly called on her own experience in Snakes and Ladders, her first novel. Read more…

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Mother of four, musician and music teacher Mary-anne Scott can add another notch to her belt.

This talented Havelock North woman is now a published author. Her book Snakes and Ladders, aimed at teenagers, particularly males, has been released to coincide with the ball season. It tells the story of Finn Fletcher who lives in a remote coastal town, his family and his friends, both male and female.When he is given the opportunity to board at an elite school in Auckland he is both nervous and excited.  Read more…

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Well written with an authentic teenage voice. The banter between the boys is a particular highlight and the issue and after effects of a school ball and after party that goes horribly wrong, will be of strong interest to teenagers. Read more…

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There has been a lot of interest in Mary-Anne Scott’s first novel, with the topic of the after ball party as a key part of the story. But it is only a part of it. Finn is a strong, realistic, kiwi teen, and I believe boys in particular will relate to him. Read more…

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Then a tragic event occurs that changes Finns life forever. His friend Hobbsie drowns at an illicit after-ball party. Finn feels deep grief and guilt. This event becomes the turning point in his life and gives him the strength to confess to something that has been plaguing his conscience for months. Download the PDF.

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If you want a read that you will enjoy reading over and over again, try Snakes and Ladders – you won’t be disappointed. Read more…


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Snakes and Ladders is a gritty and realistic tale about teenager Finn Fletcher, following him as he navigates life at a new boarding school, encounters bullies, meets girls and tries to fit in, all the while hiding a terrible secret.  As a mother of four boys now aged between 20 and 29, Mary-anne didn’t have to go far for inspiration. Read more… 

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