Public Speaking

There is an expectation when you write a novel that you will speak about it. This has turned out to be a fun and very positive side to the lonely business of writing a story. Facing a group can be daunting, especially the few moments before I begin, but every time I have the chance to speak, I thoroughly enjoy the experience.Mary-anne Scott AGM Authors

Students, and other audience groups want to hear about:

  • The process of writing
  • The reality of raising four boys
  • Being one of nine siblings
  • Singing and playing at gigs
  • The sandwich generation
  • My special music quiz

Writing has proven to be the peg that I hang my speaking hat on. When I’m listening to a speaker I can always tell if the person is being honest, really digging deep to offer some insights and an extra bonus is always laughter if there’s some humour.

Music Quiz

I have devised a quiz, suitable for after dinner entertainment, or to be used as part of a conference or even in a school environment. I play and sing a portion of a song and then ask questions about the music or a book that relates to the song.

I have a quality portable sound system and guitar suitable for any venue.

If you have an event you would like me to speak at, please don’t hesitate to get in contact to find out more.