Songs about Books

(Or Literary Matters).

Sitting on my music stand, waiting to be learned…….

I love it when someone tells me they’ve just heard a great song that I should learn. Nothing is more tempting than a peep at another person’s musical tastes or else a peep at what they believe are my musical tastes.

Recently two of my sisters went to a jazz concert where they listened to a rendition of a Rupert Holmes song.

That name ring a bell? It didn’t for me either.

The song was the people that you never get to love. I checked it out and found that Rupert Holmes was most famous for his song, Escape, (the Pina Colada song).

Then, I checked out Rupert Holmes and found he was a musician, a playwright, a novelist, a scriptwriter for TV as well as being an accomplished lyricist. The lyrics for the people that you never get to love are teased out, clever and make you concentrate on the words. It’s lazy, smoky back-bar and jazzy.

The chords (and the actual playing of the piece) is proving to be trickier, but hey, that’s why it’s on my music stand.

I’ve included a link of Alix Paige singing it. Click here to see the video.

And speaking of literary songs I stumbled across Mrs Hemingway by Mary Chapin-Carpenter and I love that as well.

I’ve had a fascination with Hadley and all that happened to her and it was intensified when I read Paula McLean’s book, The Paris Wife a couple of years ago.

Mrs Hemingway is easier to play in Eb maj rather than Rupert Holmes’s song with its complicated jazz key, but it has its surprises too. Neither song is listed on any of the chord cheat sites so it’s a matter of the good old fashioned, figuring it out (or ringing a family member).

This is the link: 

Mary CC is another talented musician with five grammy awards to her name. I read that she’s a columnist, a spokesperson for human rights issues and she doesn’t want to be pigeon holed for her musical taste. Hmmm