Trilemma by Jennifer Mortimer

Trilemma, a novel by Jennifer Mortimer is the first book I’d like to comment on and it’s Jennifer’s first novel. It has been published by an American publishing firm, Oceanview Publishing, and is on the long list for the Ngaio Marsh Crime Awards at the moment — a great achievement for a first book.


I need to say in the first instance that I know Jennifer; we were both in the Whitireia Novel writing class the same year, and I always enjoyed critiquing her work. Even in our class exercises, she shone as someone with a dry wit, a point of difference and an honest approach to life’s problems.

Jennifer describes her genre as Executive Chick Lit, but after reading her novel, I think the book has wider appeal than that and that men would enjoy this book equally as much as women.


It’s a slow-boil suspense and as a reader I was lulled into a false sense of security about the danger Lin (the protagonist) was in. Lin is aware of the threats to her in the business world and meets those threats head-on, but she is naive as to the danger that is stalking her in her private life.

Jennifer Mortimer has been in several executive business positions herself, both here in New Zealand and also in America. She knows the cut and thrust of the boardroom and is as comfortable in that world as she is in a bar or a bedroom. Having said that, there’s plenty written about bars and bedrooms, but the insight I had into corporate life, especially from a woman’s perspective was fascinating.

It seems a lonely post running a company and it was made more difficult for Lin who had to defend her corner in a male-dominated world. There were some great touches as we saw New Zealand through the eyes of Lin, the American.

Trilemma is a very good, intriguing read, a beautiful cover and hopefully the first of many books from this talented writer.


Short and Sweet: Flash Fiction

The short short fiction known as flash is being judged on the 22 June 2015. My story, The Last Syrah is in the shortlist and I’m holding my breath….

Mary-anne Scott, short listed for NFFD